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Graphic design services including logo and print design.


Professional headshots for your campaign.

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Capture the message of your campaign for digital copy.

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Construct a website to inform your voters.

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Our Story

What started with a Tweet about helping teachers and 3 passionate Tulsa women has grown into a team of 40+ creative volunteers and companies working together to lower the barriers of entry for teachers running for office by providing pro-bono services to help them get started.

The three of us - Tristen, Lindsay, and Kenzie - met in grad school and currently work full-time in different sectors of the education field. We all share a passion for this great state and for the education of its next generation of young people. We believe the best way to to improve Oklahoma is through education, and it takes elected officials who share that vision to make it a reality.

The barriers to running for office are high and often deter qualified, passionate candidates from running for office. Our mission is to lower those barriers for educators by providing pro bono creative services to help get their campaign started.

So let’s go, Oklahoma. It’s time to invest in our future and we’re ready!